Children’s Dance Lessons

Private Lesson

Children will receive certificates of achievement as they move through our syllabus. giving their parents the opportunity to follow there progress, as well as end of term reports.

Children who join our Private Lessons will have fun learning the JLC Dance syllabus created by Janet Lee Chapman. The children will be taken through our JLC syllabus enabling then to move from basic level to ISTD and UKA awards at Silver, Gold and Gold Bars. With the opportunity to compete at UKA medallist competitions should they wish to.

Our coaches Janet Lee Chapman and Emma Gill are very experienced in teaching youngsters and will take children from 4 years old through to 18 at our Blackpool based studio.

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Private lesson prices

Children’s Classes

Please Note These class will be taken by

  • School Principal Janet Lee Chapman
  • Academy Principal Emma Gill

They from time to time will be assisted by student teachers.

Please direct any School question you have to Janet or Emma only and not one of their assistants as this ensures clarity.

Pay for your Child’s Class at the bottom of page (Note NOT Diddikicks or Butterflies Dance)


Children’s General Ballroom Working Toward Examination  £5
4.00-5.00pm  Children’s Ballroom for those working on silver or above 
5.00 – 6.00pm Children’s Ballroom for those working on intro or above


Children’s (Old Time ) Classical Ballroom Beginners  – Working toward Examination  £5 
5.00 – 6.00pm Children’s Classical Sequence for 6-16yrs


Children’s Ballet £5 per session
4.15- 5.00pm 3/4 hour First Ballet class for 4-8 yrs (no grades)
Children’s Commercial Street  £5 per session
5.00-5.45pm 3/4 hour Street class for 4-8 yrs (no grades)


From 10am visit for more info
Melody Movement Pre-School Dance club £2.50 per session
10.00-10.30am Movement to music for 18 months upwards
Example Dance Academy
for kids 5-8 years (monthly membership)
12.00- 2.00pm Ballet, Lyrical, Ballroom, and Latin for 6-16 years
for kids 8-16 years (monthly membership)
12.00- 3.00pm Ballet, Lyrical, Ballroom, and Latin for 6-16 years

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