Example Dance Academy for kids

Lead by Example

Progressive dance classes to educate, enrich, and inspire the next generation. Nurturing and developing local dance talent, in Ballet, Ballroom, Latin and Lyrical dance under the eye of Miss Emma Gill and Mrs Janet Chapman.

We hope the girls and boys who attend will enjoy learning new things, and that they find the programme interesting. Emma and Janet endeavour to keep classes lively and to provide opportunities for the children to express themselves creatively while learning new skills.

The Example Academy @ JLC runs every

Saturday 12.00- 3.00pm and costs £39 per month

children from 6-16 are welcome

  • The session kicks of with a Ballet class to work on basic dance skills
  • The main part of the session is our Ballroom & Latin section were children get to work as a team as well as individually, learning new dancers their culture, history and their structure.
  • The finally is our Lyrical class which works on creativity and performance.
  • Children will get the chance to do performance shows and compete in dancesport.
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Example Dance Academy for kids

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