Example Dancesport Academy


If you enjoy Ballroom and Latin dancing, a possible path for you to look at is competition dancing or dancesport.

Competitive dancing is great fun and will improve your dancing ability no end whether you have just taken it up as an adult or returning to dance?

Medallist competition are great fun

  • First off there are opportunities to compete no matter what your age
  • Secondly events cater for competitors from social, medallist, amateur to professional levels.
  • Thirdly there is no need for a partner as you can dance with an instructor if you wish.

Private lesson through our Example Dancesport Academy focus on technique and performance.

We will teach you to be a strong competitor, hardworking, beautiful individual, that’s always trying to be better than your last dance, in a fun environment with the opportunity to spread your wings as high as you want.

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Example Dancesport Academy for adults of all ages

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